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Red Sox vs. Mariners

Fenway Park
August 14, 1999

Yawkey Way before the game

The mood on Yawkey Way was festive, since Pedro was pitching, but I was disappointed WEEI wasn't handing out "K" signs like they usually do when he pitches.

Vendors on Yawkey Way

When the gates opened at 2:30, we made our way in. It was "Family Day," when the players' kids suit up and play a mini-game with the help of their fathers. As the children batted, their names and interests were announced, such as, "He likes reading, playing baseball, and bugs."

Family Day at Fenway

We had field box seats in section 82. It's the last section in left field, right down the foul line from home plate, and not very many rows back. Left field has always been my favorite area, and if I was only going to get to one game, I wanted close seats. Here's our view of the Green Monster.

Our seats in left field

The scoreboard operator takes a break As the players and their families finished their game and the grounds crew readied the field, the scoreboard operator paused to take a break. It's twenty degrees warmer inside The Wall than on the field, and there are no bathrooms. But they get to watch the game through the slots between the words "AT BAT" and "BALL" and "STRIKE." We saw the "45" next to Boston, and knew that Pedro really was pitching that day. It almost seemed too good to be true.

And then, as if just being in hallowed Fenway Park wasn't enough, there was a game to see, too!

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