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Red Sox Trivia Quiz #7
The 1980's

How many times in the 1980's did the Red Sox finish with a losing record?


Who is the only Red Sox player besides Dwight Evans to win a Gold Glove during the 80's?

Marty Barrett
Wade Boggs
Rich Gedman
Fred Lynn

Who had the most saves for the Red Sox during the 1980's?

Bob Stanley
Tom Burgmeier
Mark Clear
Lee Smith

Who replaced Don Zimmer as manager for the end of the 1980 season?

John McNamara
Ralph Houk
Walt Hriniak
Johnny Pesky

Which infielder led the league in errors at his position in 1983?

Dave Stapleton
Jerry Remy
Wade Boggs
Glenn Hoffman

In which year did Wade Boggs have his highest single-season batting average?


Who did the Red Sox trade Carney Lansford for?

Don Baylor
Tim Lollar
Tony Armas
Bill Buckner

Who was the MVP of the 1986 ALCS?

Marty Barrett
Bruce Hurst
Calvin Schiraldi
Dave Henderson

Who joined Wade Boggs and Dwight Evans as the Red Sox on the 1987 All-Star Team?

"Oil Can" Boyd
Roger Clemens
Bruce Hurst
Jim Rice

How many consecutive games did the Sox win at the start of "Morgan Magic"?


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