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Red Sox Trivia Quiz #8
A Winning Tradition

In which season did the Red Sox win the most games?


Which left-hander won the most games in Fenway Park?

Lefty Grove
Mel Parnell
Babe Ruth
Bruce Hurst

In which year did the Red Sox set the club record for most consecutive games with at least one homer?


Which pitcher holds the record for most consecutive wins in a season?

Smokey Joe Wood
Ellis Kinder
Roger Clemens
Tim Wakefield

Over which team do the Red Sox have the most wins all-time?

Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers

What is the longest consecutive-game winning streak in Red Sox history?

12 games
15 games
18 games
21 games

Which Red Sox manager had the best winning percentage?

Joe Cronin
Terry Francona
Jake Stahl
Don Zimmer

How many games did it take the Red Sox to win the 1903 World Series?


Against which opponent do the Red Sox hold their longest consecutive-game winning streak?

Washington Senators
Philadelphia A's
Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Game-winning RBI was first adopted as an official statistic in 1979. Who led the Red Sox in GWRBI that year?

Carlton Fisk
Rick Burleson
Fred Lynn
Jerry Remy

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