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Red Sox Trivia Quiz #4
The 1990's

Under which manager did the Red Sox win the most games in the 1990's?

Joe Morgan
Butch Hobson
Kevin Kennedy
Jimy Williams

Which player had the Red Sox' highest single-season batting average in the 90's?

Wade Boggs
Tom Brunansky
Nomar Garciaparra
Mo Vaughn

How many post-season games did the Red Sox win during the 1990's?


Which of the following pitchers throws left-handed?

Matt Young
Danny Darwin
Stan Belinda
Scott Bankhead

Which record did Nomar Garciaparra NOT break during his Rookie of the Year season in 1997?

A.L. record: Longest hitting streak by a rookie
Red Sox record: Most hits in one season
M.L. record: Most RBI by a leadoff batter
Red Sox record: Most at-bats in one season

Who led the Sox' pitching staff in wins, innings pitched, and complete games in 1993?

Danny Darwin
Roger Clemens
Joe Hesketh
Frank Viola

How many seasons of the 90's did the Sox have a player with at least 30 stolen bases?


Jody Reed was one of two Red Sox players selected by the Colorado Rockies in the 1992 expansion draft. Which backup catcher was the other player they selected?

John Flaherty
Bob Melvin
Rich Rowland
Eric Wedge

When the Red Sox won the A.L. East in 1990, they had only one player with more than 20 home runs. Who was he?

Tom Brunansky
Ellis Burks
Dwight Evans
Mike Greenwell

In which year did the Red Sox use the most different players?


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