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Red Sox Trivia Quiz #2

Which pitcher appeared in the most (career) games for the Sox?

Smoky Joe Wood
Dick Radatz
Bob Stanley
Greg Harris

Which of the following pitched right-handed?

Babe Ruth
Tex Hughson
Mel Parnell
Tony Fossas

Who was the most recent Red Sox starter to win his M.L. debut?

Jonathan Papelbon
Justin Masterson
Eduardo Rodgriguez
Clay Buchholz

Which Hall-of-Famer holds the Red Sox record for losses in a season?

Red Ruffing
Lefty Grove
Herb Pennock
Cy Young

How many times has a Red Sox pitcher won the Cy Young Award?


Who started for the Sox in the 1948 A.L. one-game playoff?

Tex Hughson
Ellis Kinder
Denny Galehouse
Mel Parnell

Who was the most recent 30-game winner for the Sox?

Cy Young
Carl Mays
Sad Sam Jones
Smoky Joe Wood

Which of the following never appeared as a pitcher for the Red Sox?

Steve Lyons
Alex Cora
Ted Williams
Mike Carp

Which Red Sox pitcher won the most games in his rookie year?

Babe Ruth
Dave Ferriss
Don Schwall
Daisuke Matsuzaka

Who was the opponent in Jon Lester's no-hitter?

Seattle Mariners
Baltimore Orioles
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Kansas City Royals

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