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My Favorite Season

by Jackie Furlone

A nation turns to a group of men
waiting and praying they'd do it again
They sacrificed sleeping, working, and school
if not just to chant that "Jeter's a tool"
Game seven still looming in everyone's head
and the curse of a man over fifty years dead
Nightmares of who New York's "daddy" would be
if we couldn't pull out of it after game three
And then, Johnny Damon said, on the fourth day
that Derek will make us the victors today
Now Schilling is bleeding out there on the mound
but the Red Sox are turning the series around
The city of "Bahston" repeated "oh please"
as we won in 14, with our Papi, Ortiz
Game 7 the whole city thought of the past
and prayed that the curse had been lifted at last
"1918" screamed the Yanks' crowd
but when trailing by seven, the Bronx wasn't that loud
Then Boston silenced New York state
as they beat the Yankees in four games straight
Coming back from trailing by three
the Red Sox made history in MLB
But the streak wasn't over, as they came back to Mass
they still had the World Series to kick some ass
After two games victorious here
they headed down south thinking "THIS is the year"
As the rain came down, and Nixon fell
the reporters had quite the stories to tell
The Boston Idiots were finally here
and it only took them 18 years
Forgetting Babe, Buckner, and Boone
the planets aligned, and one eclipsed moon
The Red Sox won after 86 years
as the Boston bars erupted in cheers
An 8 game streak never done before
made Boston World Champs in 2004

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Copyright © 2004 by Jackie Furlone. Printed with permission of the author.