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Sox Passion
by Karyn Hannigan

Thank You

When about 12, maybe it was in '56
Dad took us to a game at Fenway Park

Where is our father when the Sox are Number One?

He showed how to score the runs & the hits,
The line-ups and pitchers who start

Why can't our parents see Roberts run?

We learned the markings for strikeouts and walks
For Williams, Piersall, Malzone & Jensen

Did they thrill to the eight-straight on "the other side"?

So many years our team suffered hard knocks
Great players, close series - not worth the mention

Were there heavenly tears of joy to be cried?

They lost that game watched when we were young
The taste of the gloom and the thrill's not forgotten.

Why can't we share the glory with them here?

Champagne now sprayed, the victory bells rung
Eighty-six years of too often feeling rotten

Wouldn't they rejoice in this memorable year?!

We look back on memories of games never blessed
And the 'curse' we blamed for the foibles & blunders

Remember how Dad, fed up, claimed he'd switch to the Yanks?

Now these self-proclaimed 'idjits' have passed the test,
Banished the 'Ruth' and slammed the Yankees asunder

Where's our 'papi' now to share in their pranks?

Damon with the long locks - Mom: "He needs a good haircut!"
Arroyo with braids - Dad: "Are they playing with girls?"

Was that pride I heard underneath the critique?

Pedro and Manny with their antics run amok,
Dwight and his fastball; Curt with his hurls -

Would our parents confess this team is not weak?

Now new heroes have garnered our favor
Dave, Bill, Jason, Kevin and Tim -

Would Mom be excited with this new Red nation?

Headlines, parades are our screen-savers
"Never do it the easy way" was their sacred hymn.

Would Dad rejoice in this spectacular sensation?

Scruffy and loveable is that red-legged team
Lots of hugs and good nature they often share

Dad, are the heavenly choirs also doing a dance?

The Red Sox have fulfilled the 'impossible' dream
With love from tons of true fans that passionately care.

Mom, did you even dare hope this team had a chance?

"The agony and the ecstasy" - a theme suffered too long
Brings new understanding to "we shall overcome".

Will you celebrate with me when I enter that next dimension?

Now the elation manifests in a triumphant song
Gone the deflation of losses which often left us numb

Did the angels take part in this year of redemption?

Thanks, World Series champs, you've altered our perspective
As Francona said, "Nothing can take that away!"

Oh, Dad & Mom, I still wish you had been here!

Proof of perseverance & balance, when being reflective
Contagious the joy spread o'er the world that One Day!

Please thank all the angels for the Gift of the Year.

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Copyright © 2004 by Karyn Hannigan. Article printed with permission of the author.